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We're working to promote and cultivate a culture of life. Interested?


We're Changing the Game.


Ave for Life is dedicated to living out our God given duty as members of the human family to uphold the dignity of every individual.  We strive to embody the mission and memory of Jon Scharfenberger by carrying on his passion and zeal of promoting the pro-life message.  We look to create and foster an educated and active culture of life on campus, while extending our influence and impact to areas outside of Ave Maria by being steadfast in prayer, compassion, and outreach.  We continue to fight for the rights of all humanity, from conception to natural death, and we will passionately pursue the goal of eradicating abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, and all other practices that disregard the dignity of the human person.

We Can't Do This Alone.


We need your help to change the tide. We're fighting the culture of death, and you can make a difference. 

There are so many ways to join Ave for Life. Become a prayer warrior, join a team that works on campus and in the area throughout the year, or support our mission from home.


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