President: Megan Magyar

Sophomore, Theology Major

Megan Magyar is from Virginia and is the President of Ave for Life. Megan's passion for the Pro-Life Movement was set aflame when she was a freshman in high school after attending the March for Life for the first time. It was there that she witnessed countless young people come together with an intense love for Christ and a drive to protect the dignity of the person. As Ave for Life president Megan seeks to promote a culture of life on campus and within the community. After she graduates she plans on becoming a missionary or a teacher, wherein she can continue to share her love of Christ and help form a society that defends life.


Vice President: Julia Wool

Junior, Economics and Politics Major

Julia is from Chicago, Illinois. She has been involved in pro-life activism since high school, leading the pro life club at her parish. Julia served on the board last year, as Event Coordinator, and now serves as the Vice President. She is a also currently interning for a community pregnancy clinic on the advancement team.


Secretary: Kathleen Lenarz

Junior, Communications Major

Kathleen Lenarz is from Orlando, Florida and is the Secretary of Ave for Life. She is involved with the pro-life movement because she is dedicated to saving the thousands of innocent lives that are killed every single day by abortion. As a Catholic woman and a daughter of God, she feels called to stand up for the dignity of human life from conception until natural death. Protecting life, especially the lives of those who have no voice, has become an essential part of her civic duty and her pathway to eternal life. In the pro life spirit, Kathleen shaved her entire head to donate her hair to a young girl with cancer when she was a freshman in high school. Her donation was 23 inches long!


Treasurer: Jordan Gunn

Senior, Theology Major

Jordan is from St. Louis, Missouri and serves Ave for Life as Treasurer. She is majoring in Theology and hopes to become a Natural Family Planning Practitioner after graduation. Jordan spent her summer interning for Coalition for Life St. Louis as a Sidewalk Counselor outside of Planned Parenthood. Having cared for her two grandmothers with Alzheimer’s Disease, she is passionate about upholding the dignity of life from conception through natural death and truly believes that every human person has so much love to offer the world.


Outreach Coordinator: Rebecca Borkowski

Sophomore, Environmental Science Major

Rebecca Borkowski is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is the Outreach Coordinator of Ave for Life. She is involved in the pro-life movement because she wants to promote a culture of life where everyone's dignity is appreciated and celebrated. Because she feels that she has lived such a privileged life, she believes it is part of her duty and others’ to fight for those who have no voice, as one family. Abortion and the degradation of human life has hurt our world so much that it has become of the utmost importance for Becca to do all she can to contribute.


Ministry Coordinator: Grayson Gunn

Sophomore, Theology and Communications Major

Grayson is from St. Louis, Missouri and is the Ministry Coordinator of Ave for Life. After graduating, he hopes to have a job in Catholic media where he can help share the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith with the world. Grayson grew up watching both his Grandmas struggle with Alzheimer's disease and has seen the joy and love they bring to the world. It has shown him that every life has value from conception to natural death. He has been involved in the pro-life movement since he was young and is excited to help spread the spiritual aspect of the pro-life cause at Ave as the Ministry Coordinator.


Event Co-Coordinator: Emily Baalman

Junior, Literature Major

Emily Baalman is from Saint Louis, Missouri and serves Ave for Life as event Co-coordinator. She is a junior majoring in literature who hopes to later receive a master’s degree in computer science. Emily comes from a family of thirteen children and has experienced the beauty that comes from life. Emily truly feels blessed to be a part of Ave for life and to receive the opportunity to get more involved.


Event Co-Coordinator: Mariah Haskell

Sophomore, Theology and Philosophy Major

Mariah is from Michigan and is an Event Co-Coordinator of Ave for Life. She has been involved and passionate the pro-life movement from a young age, but became especially active through her high school by leading its Students for Life club. She has also been active through participating in local events including an annual Focus on Life benefit dinner, volunteering at a HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center, and praying outside abortion mills. She hopes to engage all of Ave in the battle for life during her time on the board.

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Media Coordinator: Selma Henriksson

Sophomore, Biology Major

Selma is from St. Petersburg, Florida and is the Media Coordinator of Ave for Life. Her desire to further the pro-life movement grew while she was in high school, where she witnessed in many fellow students, a disregard for their own lives and the lives of others, especially the unborn. She has been a part of the pro-life movement by participating in 40 Days for Life and the March for Life, visiting nursing home residents, and starting conversations. She hopes to spread the pro-life message on a personal level, through dialogue and friendship, and on a wider level, through the use of media.


Staff Advisor: Gregory Howard