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March for life

Whether you're planning on driving, flying or busing, here is everything you need to know about your pilgrimage to the March for Life!

Where are we staying?

St. John the Beloved Roman Catholic Church
6420 Linway Terrace
McLean, VA 22101

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What happens if I don’t stay with Ave at St. John the Beloved parish in D.C.?
We know that many of you have friends and family who live in D.C. that you’d like to stay with and so we want to lay out the battle plan for you:

  •  Students only get an excused absence from Dr. Nutt, the Dean of Academic Affairs if they stay with Ave at St. John the Beloved. You can, of course, reach out for individual permission from your professors but you run the risk of them saying no.
  •  Because this is a pilgrimage, we want to make this trip together in spirit and in unity in D.C. When we arrive at the parish, we’ll have adoration and Mass together to prepare for the March the next day.
  •  If you are unable to stay with us at St. John the Beloved, you are still welcome to join us during the March!

If AFL is paying for all my meals, do I need to bring any spending money?
Yes, Ave will pay for your food if you are staying at the parish! A little spending money for an extra snack or souvenir is a good idea!
If you are staying at the Parish your meals will be provided Thursday dinner though Saturday breakfast.

Where is Ave meeting to March?
We will be meeting at 14th Street and Constitution Ave, look for the Ave Beanies, look for Ave flags, and listen for Ave chant!!

How do I get to the Parish if I am flying in?

Apps for the March (download these!)
-MFL 2018
-Bus Track DC
-Washington DC Metro Map

How do I find Ave at the March?
Where: 14th and Constitution
-Look for beanies
-Look for flags
-Ave Chant


Packing List

The Essentials:

Pillow & sleeping bag
Good shoes or boots for the March
Personal hygiene items
Warm clothes & pajamas
A jacket, gloves, scarf, & hat
Phone & charger


A blanket for the bus
Hand warmers for the March
Extra spending money
Snacks (we’ll have some as well)
Homework :)

Please note:

  • We will be staying in a gym and sleeping on the floor, so a sleeping bag is recommended.

  • We’re not in Florida anymore so it’ll be cold; pack warm clothes!

  • We will not have access to showers during the pilgrimage.  Plan accordingly with deodorant, dry shampoo, face wash, etc.

  • Included in your March for Life cost is a long-sleeved shirt and a winter hat.

  • We won’t have access to our stowed suitcases, so if you’ll need something in the bus, have it in your backpack.

  • If you choose to ride on the bus: Because of our limited space on the bus, each person will be allowed one backpack to carry on the bus and one suitcase/duffel to stow underneath.


         Itinerary                                                Meal Schedule

Dinner***: Make sure to eat dinner in cafeteria before boarding the bus.

Breakfast***: We provide breakfast on the bus.
Lunch***: Provided for en route
Dinner: We’ll have pizza at the parish.

Breakfast: The parish will provide breakfast for us.
Lunch: AFL will provide a sack lunch while we’re in DC
     Bring or buy your own snacks to munch on while you tour
Dinner: We’ll eat at the Parish late around 10pm.

Breakfast: We’ll have breakfast provided by the parish.
Lunch: We’ll eat lunch en route
Dinner***: AFL will provide dinner on the way back.

Breakfast: we’ll be back in time for breakfast at Ave


***Only for those riding on the bus and staying at the Parish
ALL MEALS have allergy free alternatives


Wednesday, January 17
10 PM- depart by back doors of JP2 dorm
(bring your own food if you'll be hungry before 7am)

Thursday, January 18
7 AM- Breakfast (provided)
8-9 PM- Arrive at Parish (St. John the Beloved)
8:15- Dinner at the Parish
9:30- Holy Hour (There will be many opportunities for prayer)

Friday, January 19 (March for Life Day!)
9am- Mass
9:45 AM- Breakfast provided by St. John’s
10:30 AM- Depart for National Mall
11/11:15am- Arrive in DC
- Get situated/walk to rally point
11:30-12:45 March for Life Rally (12th street on National Mall, between Madison and Jefferson)
1pm-3pm- March for Life
After the March to 8:30- Free time in DC
-Bring snacks in case you get hungry while touring in DC!
8:30pm Meet at Smithsonian Castle and depart for Parish
9pm- Dinner at Parish
- Rosary
- Free time/bed time
1130pm doors locked
12am lights out

Saturday, January 20
8:00 am take board to Conference
9:30-9:45 am Bus arrives back to parish after dropping board
10am-Depart for Ave

Sunday, January 21
6:30am/8am.- Arrive back at Ave


We cannot wait to see you there! Invite your family and friends to follow our pilgrimage on Instagram and Facebook!