Our Board



Corinne Zay

Junior, Politics Major
Corinne is leading Ave for Life in her second term as president. Her dedication knows no bounds, as she sacrifices time and sleep to plan, send emails, and encourage her fellow pro-life students. Corinne’s love for Christ ignited her passion for bettering a culture of life by supporting a culture of life. As president, she oversees all of the club’s activities and markets Ave for Life’s activities to a network of pro-life leaders as she works to promote a culture of life outside of Ave Maria community. After an incredible year leading Ave Maria University’s pro-life movement, Corinne was an intern with Congressman Jim Banks and also for the March for Life. After graduation, she plans to work in politics or with a non-profit to influence the culture of life in many ways: serving women, children, families, and the poor. Corinne is a force for the good and her leadership is invaluable as she leads Ave for Life in cultivating and encouraging an extensive and powerful culture of life at AMU.


Vice President:


Nora Anderson

Junior, Theology Major
Nora is a junior serving Ave for Life as Vice President. She has been involved in the pro-life movement her entire life and loves working to uphold the dignity of human life in any capacity she can. Last year Nora also served as Vice President and feels so blessed to co-lead the club again. After graduation, she plans to work in the pro-life movement full-time to end abortion and euthanasia.




Blair Harbison

Junior, Theology & Communications Major
Blair is from Panama City, Florida. She serves Ave for Life as the Secretary, applying her organizational skills to improving and supporting the club behind the scenes, monitoring the master calendar, tracking membership, and organizing files and notes. Blair assumes this position with an extensive repertoire of pro-life work, which includes founding her high school’s pro-life club, assisting in organizing and leading her home parish’s March for Life pilgrimage, AMU’s 2017 March for Life pilgrimage, and serving at the Pregnancy Resource Center of Panama City. She plans to work in conference planning for Catholic youth ministry organizations. Blair’s enthusiasm for a culture of life, one of her most noticeable qualities, encourages and inspires her fellow students.




Peter Suchmoski

Sophomore, Finance Major
Peter serves as our Treasurer with insight and dedication. He monitors Ave for Life’s financial situation and is actively involved in the pro-life movement here on campus. In the past he has attended the March for Life since he was 13 years old, and has been involved with the Crusaders for Life, a vibrant Pro-Life group at his home Parish since then. We are thrilled to have this dedicated, diligent, and capable student in charge of Ave for Life’s finances and being a pro-life leader for our campus.

Funds Director:


Ryan Rasins

Junior, Politics Major
Ryan has been an active member of the pro-life movement since 2008 when he organized a prayer vigil at the local abortion clinic for high school students with the bishop of the Pensacola-Tallahassee diocese. He plans to get a masters degree in Public Policy or International Relations before working in D.C. on the Hill or in a think tank after graduating from AMU. As the Fund Director, he is responsible for raising all the funds the club will use throughout the academic year, fostering friendships with our donors, and networking the club within the pro-life movement. 


Events Coordinator:


Julia Wool

Sophomore, Economics & Political Science Major
Julia is from Chicago and serves Ave for Life as a Co-Events Coordinator. She has been involved in the pro-life movement since she was a child, when she prayed regularly outside of abortion facilities. After serving her highschool pro-life club as a leader, she kept pro-life work as a priority, using her creativity and experience as a leader to bring the AMU pro-life movement to students. Julia will organize all of Ave for Life’s events with Ania, including the fundraiser Gala, LifeWeek, and monthly meetings. Julia plans on expanding Ave for Life’s influence at AMU, reaching students who have not previously been involved with Ave for Life through new events and a creative approach.

Events Co-Coordinator: 

Ania Rostkowski

Junior, Psychology Major
Ania brings her optimism and energy to planning Life Week, the fundraiser Gala, monthly Ave for Life events, and the orientation Welcome Back concert. Her involvement in the pro-life movement, though lifelong, recently intensified: “I have been praying for and advocating the pro-life movement since I was in grade school, but after my first March for Life last year, I felt Our Lady calling me to be more active.” With her extensive experience planning events with the AMU Student Activities Board, her enthusiasm and talents make her an indispensable leader on our board.

Communications Director:


Nellie Murphy

Sophomore, Philosophy Major 
Nellie, our communications director, oversees the media team and applies her talents to the pro-life movement by designing and creating digital media, flyers, and videos, sharing the pro-life message with an audience beyond the city limits of Ave Maria. She also founded the Ave for Life magazine. Nellie Murphy’s involvement with the pro-life movement is extensive, as she has attended the March for Life, provided meals to homeless youth in her home city of Chicago, and readily speaks on the importance of her generation embracing the pro-life message.  In addition to serving on the Ave for Life board, Nellie is president of Adventure Club, secretary of Turning Point.


Media Team (Social Media):


Kelsi Bennett

Sophomore, Physics Major
Kelsi is from Jacksonville, Florida. She wants to attend graduate school to earn a master's degree in Biochemical Engineering. She has attended the March for Life three times, two times in high school and one time with Ave Maria University. Also, she helped with different pro-life events around Jacksonville with a club from her high school. She serves on the Ave for Life media team as the social media specialist.


Media Team (Web-Design): 

Luke Johanni

Freshman, Psychology Major
Luke is from Cleveland, Ohio. He is currently studying Psychology with the hopes of becoming a marriage and family counselor. Luke has been involved in the pro-life movement by praying and sidewalk counseling outside of abortion mills for 5+ years. As part of the media team, his job is to keep the website up to date and running. His motto is “Work hard, pray hard, and play hard.”

Media Team (Marketing): 

Sam Moore

Freshman, Biochemistry Major
Sam has actively participated in pro-life, abortion clinic prayer protests since the age of seven.  He is an AMU honors student.  Samuel aspires to become a Medical Doctor so as to uphold and defend Catholic ethics within the medical field.  Since his youth, he has engaged in events events with the Dallas Pro-Life Committee and Catholic Answers, the largest lay apostolate for apologetics and evangelization in the Catholic Church in America, and has acquainted himself with Catholic Answers’ renowned apologists.  Samuel now serves the AMU Pro-Life Club, Ave for Life, as a board member and contributor to the media team.


Ministry Coordinator:

 Hadleigh Thompson


Sophomore, Theology & Business Major
Hadleigh is from Ave Maria, FL. She brings creativity and passion to Ave for Life’s mission as she organizes AMU’s annual pro-life retreat, and abortion facility prayer trips and sidewalk counseling. She also coordinates the AMU Pregnant on Campus initiative, which seeks to support pregnant and parenting students on our campus. She has also volunteered at the Naples Community Pregnancy Clinic and co-coordinated the first ever Ave Maria Pro-Life Conference in July 2017. In addition to serving on the Ave for Life board, Hadleigh also serves her fellow students as a Resident Assistant and plans to working full-time in the pro-life movement after graduation.

Outreach Coordinator: 

Ambrose Bean


Sophomore, Politics Major
Ambrose serves Ave for Life by organizing events and outreach with other clubs on campus and in the greater Naples area.  He coordinates with other campus clubs to foster a more cohesive and educated pro-life culture at AMU that reaches all students. His desire to help the unborn led him to diligently study pro-life apologetics. Now he looks to continue this discussion at Ave and in his professional career after graduation, when he hopes to write about the pro-life movement, the Catholic faith, and relevant political topics. Ambrose holds a leadership position for the AMU Debate Club and represents AMU on the Cross Country team.

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March for Life 



Caleb Selecter

Junior, Theology & Economics Major
One of Ave for Life’s club goals for the 2017-2018 school year is to significantly increase the number of March for Life attendees and our March for Life Co-Coordinator, Caleb Selecter, is the man for the job. He works closely with the President and his co-coordinator, Rachel Sill, to reorganize Ave for Life’s approach to the March for Life. Caleb has attended the March for Life and prayed outside of abortion clinics consistently, and takes every opportunity to discuss pro-life topics, spreading the culture of life in his everyday conversations. He represents AMU on the Cross Country team. Caleb is a great asset to the Ave for Life board with his dependability and dedication.


March for Life 



Rachel Sill

Junior, Music Major  
Rachel is a transfer student from the St. Louis area who is serving as March for Life Co-Coordinator.  She attended the March for Life last year and has been involved in the pro-life movement since she was a little girl.  Over the summer, Rachel attended 4US (for ultrasound), a pro-life mission trip in which she helped raise money for an ultrasound machine to donate to a maternity center in St. Louis.  On average ultrasound machines help save 1,000 babies’ lives.


Staff Advisor: 

Greg Howard