Ave Maria University | Ave For Life

The Pregnant on Campus Initiative was brought to Ave Maria University in the spring of 2017 by our Students for Life club.

Mission: Pregnant on Campus (POC) is a student-driven initiative to support fellow college students who are pregnant by gathering relevant information about pregnancy resources and raising awareness about issues related to unplanned pregnancies.

Vision: To provide college students with the resources and support they need in order to chose life through parenting their child or seeking out adoption. By providing support and resources, the Pregnant on Campus Initiative hopes to reduce the number of pregnancies that end in abortion and increase the number of college students who say yes to life.

The wonderful & loving people who can help you at AMU:

  • Mary Kate Waldow - Residence Director of John Paul II Hall

    ·         Office: (239) 280-1579

    ·         Email: MaryKate.Waldow@avemaria.edu


    Marguerite Dziad - Residence Director of Mother Teresa Hall

    ·         Office: (239) 280-1513

    ·         Email: Marguerite.Nemeth@avemaria.edu


    AnaMaria LiRosi - Director of Counseling

    ·         Office: (239) 280-7372

    ·         Email: AnaMaria.LiRosi@avemaria.edu